The Telemaniac

Patent Pending (US and EU) Telemark Leg Strength Trainer

Telemark skiing is an incredibly demanding sport. It’s hard as hell. That’s one of the reasons we love it so much. The skill, the athleticism, the dynamic rhythm, – it’s a beautiful thing.

But training your legs for Tele off-the-snow is all but impossible. Telemark is a sport of dynamic movement. Nothing we can do in the gym replicates the movement and muscle-memory of Telemark skiing. Lunges are a very poor training tool because they are a static exercise. Successful off-snow training for Telemark requires dynamic movement and a true replication of the Telemark movement.


The TeleManiac™ (Patent Pending, U.S.  E.U.) solves this problem and much, much more. The TeleManiac is by far the best way to strengthen your legs and condition your entire body for the demanding sport we love. The TeleManiac replicates the dynamic lead changes, muscle memory, and strength patterns of actual Telemark skiing. Plus, because you use it with your boots, bindings, and skis, you have the full package of training, including the feel of your boots and skis and the spring action of your bindings. You’ll quickly develop awesome Telemark-specific leg strength, powerful lead changes, and the cardio capacity to power your engine all day long on the mountain.

As a member of the United States Telemark Team, I am using the TeleManiac to increase my leg strength and to get a head start on my conditioning for the 2012-2013 racing season. As a PSIA level III Telemark instructor, I also see a huge benefit to any Tele Skier that would like to improve his leg strength and conditioning.

–Keith Rodney, U.S. Telemark Regional Team
Education staff member for the Professional Ski Instructors of America

The TeleManiac is a serious workout for serious skiers

Added weight (in a backpack or a weight vest) replicates the g-force load of different terrain:

  • Bodyweight + 5%-8% = Green Terrain
  • Bodyweight + 8%-10% = Blue Terrain
  • Bodyweight + 10%-12% = Black Terrain
  • Bodyweight + 15% or more = Extreme Steepness

Training on the TeleManiac provides a much more concentrated workout than can be achieved in actual skiing. This is because you do not need to stop and spend 15 minutes waiting in line and riding the lift between each run. A 90 minute workout on the TeleManiac can replicate the muscle exertion and number of lead changes of an entire day’s worth of skiing.

Here’s an example: Eight straight minutes on the TeleManiac with a loading of 10% of your bodyweight (in a weight vest or backpack) simulates the leg load of a black run of 2000 vertical feet. A lead change every 2-3 seconds means about 200 turns in eight minutes – very similar to what you’d do on the mountain. Ten repetitions of this 8 minute interval on the TeleManiac with a two minute rest in between would be the equivalent load on your legs and aerobic system as a whole ski day of 20,000 vertical feet of black terrain – all compressed into just over an hour and a half.

Working out like this will make you a lot stronger – and it will make you a lot stronger quickly!

The TeleManiac allows you to practice the actual movements you use on-snow:

  • High Tele Position
  • Low Tele Position
  • Fast Lead Changes
  • Slow Lead Changes
  • Sprints / Intense Bursts of Speed & Strength

The TeleManiac works for you all year long:

Pre-season: Build your leg strength, dynamic lead changes, Telemark muscle memory, develop cardio fitness. Be in awesome shape on opening day – ready to Tele all day, every day.

During the ski season: Stay in top ski shape when you can’t ski every day. The TeleManiac is perfect for a Tele-skier with a real job who tragically can’t ski all the time. Perform like you ski 100 days a season, even if you can only ski on weekends or days off.

Off-Season: Build bomber leg strength and maintain your ski fitness all year long. Use the TeleManiac to transform your strength and fitness to a new level in the off season.

So get serious about your Telemark strength and fitness. Train on a TeleManiac™. When you hit the snow and point your tips down the mountain – you won’t believe the difference.

I’ve had my TeleManiac for about two weeks. The most striking things about it are how well it mimics the basic telemark movement and how sturdy & well made it is. With 15 pounds added in a pack, it is a tough workout. But my legs have definitely gotten stronger. Skills like edging, hop-turns, bumps, still have to be developed on snow; the TeleManiac is really about developing leg strength. But, if you have the core leg strength, the advanced skills come a lot easier on snow.

– B. Niemeier, Vancouver, B.C.