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As a member of the United States Telemark Team, I am using the TeleManiac to increase my leg strength and to get a head start on my conditioning for the 2012-2013 racing season. As a PSIA level III Telemark instructor, I also see a huge benefit to any Tele Skier that would like to improve his leg strength and conditioning.

–Keith Rodney, U.S. Telemark Regional Team
Education staff member for the Professional Ski Instructors of America

I’ve had my TeleManiac for about two weeks. The most striking things about it are how well it mimics the basic telemark movement and how sturdy & well made it is. With 15 pounds added in a pack, it is a tough workout. But my legs have definitely gotten stronger. Skills like edging, hop-turns, bumps, still have to be developed on snow; the TeleManiac is really about developing leg strength. But, if you have the core leg strength, the advanced skills come a lot easier on snow.

– B. Niemeier, Vancouver, B.C.

Put this in front of a TV, put a ski vid in the DVD, add some weight, and have at it. Your legs will get a lot stronger and your ski fitness will improve. I am very happy with the results.

– J. Hessions, Durango, CO.

Last year, I decided to try Telemark because I was bored with Alpine skiing after 15 years. I loved the feeling of the Tele turn, but my legs were always a problem, giving out half way through every ski day. Through a friend, I obtained a TeleManiac. I found that you get out of this what you put into it. It is a strength training tool, not a ski simulator – even though the movement feels spot-on. By adding weight, you are basically weight-training on skis. By progressively adding more weight and using it in my basement 3 days a week for an hour or so, my legs got much stronger. In the span of less than a month my legs had improved to the point that I no longer had any problem skiing all day and many days in a row. Very happy with the results – great invention!

– G. Sebring, Salt Lake City, UT

I have a month of training under my belt on the TeleManiac. This thing zeros right in on your quads and tele muscles. The effort feels like an endless black run. My legs and lungs feel totally ready for this season- big improvement.

– M. Lathrop, Seattle, WA.

I’ve tried everything to get in shape for Tele: countless lunges, running stairs, cycling. Nothing really worked, and it took me half the season before my legs felt strong enough. But last year I was able to train on a prototype version of the TeleManiac. I used it 3 days a week in the two months leading up to the 2011-2012 season. I did endurance workouts lasting an hour or more as well as intense interval workouts with 20 extra pounds in a backpack. My first day on snow was at Beaver Creek on Dec 29, 2011. Despite the lousy snow conditions, I logged over 20,000 vertical feet (verified by Epicmix) in varied terrain. My legs felt great. Since I had the week off, I skied 5 more days straight, logging a total of 115,000 vertical feet of tele turns in those 6 days. Through it all, my legs felt like a million bucks. Thank you Telemaniac! I am doing the same program right now, looking forward to opening day for 2012-2013.

– J. Spratt, Dillon, CO.

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