The TeleManiac™ (Patent Pending, U.S.  E.U.) is manufactured to last a lifetime. There is no maintenance needed. You should literally be able to train on a TeleManiac for 20 years or more – it is made that well. In fact, our warranty covers the roller bearings for 10 years. If they wear out within a decade of your purchase, we will replace them at no charge. The roller bearings are the only moving part of the TeleManiac, so you literally should be able to train on it for 20 years or more.

There is a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, return it for a full refund.

The TeleManiac™ (Patent Pending, U.S. E.U.)

The TeleManiac frame is made of 6061 aircraft aluminum. It is milled on a precision CNC machine to a tolerance of .005 inch. The frame is anodized (not painted), providing a durable chip-free finish.  The frame is incredibly strong, yet very light – it weighs only 17 pounds.

TeleManiac™ Side View (Patent Pending, U.S. E.U.)

The rollers are arranged to keep you centered. No matter how hard or fast you practice your lead changes, you’ll stay centered. The permanently sealed and lubricated roller ball-bearings will provide a lifetime of maintenance free use. They roll like a dream. The surface of the rollers offers just the right amount of side to side friction so you can keep your skis true. The rollers roll so well that making lead changes on the TeleManiac offers no more resistance than actual snow.

TeleManiac™ End View (Patent Pending, U.S. E.U.)

Assembly of the TeleManiac only takes a few minutes. The rollers can be configured on the frame in several ways to accommodate any skier’s size, weight, and stride length. From the largest guy to the most petite girl, the TeleManiac abides.

TeleManiac™ Use and Versatility (Patent Pending, U.S. E.U.)

The TeleManiac works great with all bindings and skis; from huge powder pontoons, to touring rigs, to frontside cruisers; and all tips, tails and bindings. If you can ski with it you can train with it with on the TeleManiac. The TeleManiac will not scratch or harm your skis in any way. It will not dull your edges.

Completely assembled, the TeleManiac still weighs less than 35 pounds, so it is easy to store in a closet or under a bed. The TeleManiac is shipped fully assembled and ready to use.

Dimensions: Length 57”, width 26”, height 5”.

We strongly recommend using the TeleManiac on a rug or carpet, interlocking rubber floor squares, or similar non-scratchable floor surface.

Put this in front of a TV, put a ski vid in the DVD, add some weight, and have at it. Your legs will get a lot stronger and your ski fitness will improve. I am very happy with the results.

– J. Hessions, Durango, CO.