Why is the TeleManiac better than lunges in the gym?

Telemark is a sport of dynamic movement. Efficiently training for it also requires a dynamic Telemark movement and the development of Telemark specific muscle memory. Lunges are a very poor training tool because they are a static exercise. But, until now lunges were about all we had.

The TeleManiac™ (Patent Pending, U.S.  E.U.) solves this problem.  The TeleManiac replicates the dynamic lead changes, muscle memory, and strength patterns of actual Telemark skiing. Plus, because you use it with your boots, bindings, and skis, you have the full package of training, including the feel of your boots and skis and the spring action of your bindings. You’ll quickly develop awesome Telemark-specific leg strength, powerful lead changes, and excellent cardio capacity.

An analogous example would be cyclists who ride on rollers or stationary trainers. Like Telemark skiing, cycling is also a quad dominant movement pattern, but it is the muscle memory and strength patterns that make you a stronger cyclist. All levels of cyclists benefit from using rollers & trainers to improve their strength and endurance. A cyclist doing static lunges in the gym is not replicating the movement he uses in his sport, so he is largely wasting his time. Doing lunges just makes you better at lunges.

Exactly the same is true for a Telemark skier. Like cycling, our sport is a quad dominant sport, but Tele has a very specific movement pattern that is not activated when doing lunges. Lunges may make your quads stronger, but there is very little evidence that it translates into stronger Telemark skiing because the movement pattern is totally different. Doing lunges trains you to get better at lunges. Using a TeleManiac trains your strength specifically for the Telemark movement, so it is a much better training tool.

I am new to Telemark Skiing. Will this help me?

Absolutely. The biggest problem that slows progression for a beginning or intermediate Telemark skier is leg fatigue. If your legs are trashed, you cannot advance, improve your technique, work on new skills. When your legs are cooked, you develop bad habits to compensate. Training on a TeleManiac will make you stronger to the point that you can advance, get better, do more skiing, improve your technique, and make much faster progress. And have the legs to do it day after day.

I have been Telemark Skiing for years. How will this help me?

Even if you ski 100 days a season, you still will benefit from building Telemark strength in the off-season and pre-season. Unless you feel that you can never get any better or be in better shape, training on a TeleManiac will help you.

Also, many advanced Tele-skiers have jobs and tragically can’t ski all the time. An advanced skier with a full time job can stay in awesome condition by using the TeleManiac on days when skiing isn’t possible because of work or family. So you can still ski like you ski 100 days a season, even if you can only ski on weekends.

How many years of training should I get out of my purchase of a TeleManiac?

The TeleManiac should last 20 years or more. The only moving parts are the bearings; they are permanently lubricated and sealed, and designed for many years of constant use in industrial applicatons -much harsher conditions than when used in the TeleManiac. The frame is 6061 aircraft aluminum.

For basically the cost of a pair of skis or boots, you are investing in many years of great Telemark conditioning and many years of impressing your friends with your fitness level and Telemark strength – from the first day of the season to the last (and every day in the off-season too).

What if I want to return it?

We have a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you do not like the TeleManiac send us an email from the website. We will issue a return authorization number and credit your card for the purchase price as soon as we receive the unit back.

There is also a 2 year warranty on parts and workmanship. If anything goes wrong with your TeleManiac, just let us know and we will make it right for you.