Once upon a time, an athlete met Telemark skiing and instantly fell in love. He loved the athleticism, skill and flowing rhythm. He was completely under the spell of his new love and wanted to Tele all the time. But there was a problem. His new love was a very demanding mistress. Training his legs was extremely difficult. After two seasons of suffering quad meltdowns on the snow and enduring the futility of gym lunges, he almost gave up on his new love and even thought of returning to his old, mundane, much less passionate friend – alpine skiing.

But then the athlete had an idea. He thought of a new way to train for his new passion. And the TeleManiac™ (Patent Pending, U.S.  E.U.) was born. In no time at all his legs were stronger, his fitness grew, his turns were crisp and powerful. He became the equal of his new love and could Tele all the time. His quads were always ready. He got better and better. The backcountry was his to explore. His spirit soared and his love of Telemark grew and grew.

And the athlete and Telemark skiing lived happily ever after-

Free your heel and your mind will follow; but only if your legs are strong enough!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The TeleManiac™ is manufactured in a non-ski state, so there are no sales taxes required for any Tele-skier living anywhere near a mountain.

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